Letting Go of Secrets

When I first started clutter busting, it was common that people would say, “I never have anyone over. You’re the first person I’ve had over in a long time.” They were embarrassed to let other people see their stuff.

Their clutter situation was a secret for them. It was really hard for them to live that way, because of the shame and embarrassment. There was a feeling like, “I should have been able to take care of this on my own, and I didn’t. Something’s wrong with me.”

I would say, “Let’s go through the stuff so we can make it better for you.”

As my clients started to let things go that didn’t serve them, their secret was dissolved. The need to hide was being removed. They felt great relief.

The reason I write about these stories in blog posts and in my books and is to take away the shame that comes from thinking that you’re the only person like this. Whatever clutter situation you have in your home and in your life, it’s shared by hundreds of thousands of other people. You don’t have to live in secret anymore.