Living Proof

My client had a pile of old greeting cards on her desk. She had taken them from a folder she hadn't seen for years that had been hiding in her filing cabinet. She glumly said, "These are going to be really hard to go through."

I said she's not alone. A lot of my clients have old greeting cards that they feel uncomfortable dealing with. Most of the time they hadn't looked at the cards since they day they received them.

My client said, "They are proof that someone loves you."

I said that's how they make you feel. It's a natural experience. But by hanging to and hiding them away, it's like she was trying to capture and corral the love. But you can't trap love. Love is a vibrantly positive and living energy. It can't be preserved.

It said to my client that it would be easier to look at each card one last time, experience the love, be grateful for that feeling, and then let the card go. It would train her to notice love when it happens and then let it go to make room for more love. By letting it go, she would be telling herself there is plenty of love in the world.

I said to my client that she has living proof that she is loved everyday. Her cats walk into the room and she feels love. When she leaves the room she sees her husband and feels love. When she goes out into her yard she feels love for the nature around her.

This inspired her and she went through each of the cards. She ended up only keeping two that had some art work from her kid and grandkid. She said she felt relieved to have let the rest of the cards go.

Then she said, "All that stuff you said about love, you should put that in your blog post."