Notes from the Clutter Busting Front Lines

My client was clutter busting items that had been sitting in her office, not being used, and taking up space for nine years. 

She was sad and said these things had been intimidating her for so long. 

I said, "Until today." 

She perked up and said, "Yes, until today!!"


Another client felt overwhelmed as she came across a stack of photos she hadn't seen for years. She said she would look at them later.

I said putting the photos away to consider them later wouldn't help her. She would still be experiencing the frustration that comes with living with unresolved things. 

She took a deep breath and went through each picture. She was surprised to discover that she didn't actually care about any of the pictures. They all went in the trash. 


A different client said, "I feel like there is something wrong with me that I have so much stuff."

I said there was nothing wrong with her. There was something wrong with the space because it's bothering her. 

Rather than blame herself, I said it would be more helpful to remove the things she didn't love or use. That would remove the pain she was feeling.

Putting the blame on ourselves during a difficult situation is clutter because it doesn't help remove the pain.

Without the self-criticism, she got the clarity to begin the clutter bust.


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