A Mixed Bag

Sometimes a person, thing, or activity is a mixed-bag in your life.  It gives you some pleasure, but it also causes some pain. We tend to focus on the pleasure, and ignore the pain. But the pain still takes a toll.

A recent client had a record player in the guest room of her home. I asked if she liked listening to records on the player. She said she did, but it was sometimes a pain because the record player was old and it didn't always work.

I asked my client if she, her husband, or any of her friends knew how to fix the record player. She said she asked around, but no one knew how to fix it. 

I asked if she would be open to letting the record player go and getting a new one. She was resistant. She talked about how record players had always been a part of her life. She said she was feeling nostalgic.

I pointed out she didn't say anything positive about her current record player. Her only comment about it had been negative.

The only thing that truly matters is how you feel about something now.

My client thought about it and said it was too hard to listen to music on her record player because she kept expecting it to stop working during a song. Listening to music that way always made her anxious. She decided to donate the player for parts, and purchase a new one.

Is there any thing, person, or activity in your life that you have mixed emotions about? Take a deeper look and ask if there's something you can do to fix that, or would it be best to let that go.