Clutter Spoils What Matters

My client found a plastic storage container in the back of his garage. It was filled with Star Wars memorabilia.

I asked if he still looked at, enjoyed, and used the Star Wars collectables. He said he hadn't since he was in high school. I asked if he would be okay with letting them go.

He looked down and said he didn't know. I asked what he was feeling. He said, "What if one day I want them again?"

I said the only thing you can be certain of is how you feel about something now. That's all you have.

If you don't like and use something and you won't let that thing go because you are worried that one day you might want it, you are living in fear. It's a fear of something that is not even happening. It's a fantasy. That fear spoils the current moment.

I pointed out that he sounded tired when he talked about the Star Wars items. He also looked pale and timid. I said holding on to things out of fear depletes you. It takes away your life. When something takes life from you, it's clutter.

I asked him about something that he liked. He talked about his books on audio engineering. He said that he loved reading those books. He put the knowledge that he got from them to use.

I said that when he talked about those books, he came to life. He sat up. His eyes got bright. He sounded strong. He felt alive. I said that's how you know when something serves you now.

My client saw the contrast and decided to let the Star Wars items go.