Creating Space

I recently worked with a client who had a large stack of magazines on a chair next to her bed. She had been holding on to the magazines because she kept telling herself she was going to read them. But she wasn't reading the magazines. 

Not only that, the presence of the magazines was disturbing the peace in her bedroom. They didn't inspire rest. The magazines were a constant reminder that she wasn't reading them. They made her feel wrong. 

Seeing the situation for what it was, and how it was making her feel lousy, she decided to let go of the magazines. She removed them from her bedroom.

We took a look at the space she created in the corner by her bed. There was only a wooden chair in the space. I asked her to notice and feel the open space she had created. I said it was like the space was peacefully sitting in the chair. My client liked the serenity she had created for herself. 

Space is a thing, just as much as the stuff in your home. When you remove clutter, you create open space in your home. It's important to have open space. Open space is nurturing and healing. It creates a feeling of calm. 


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