Other People's Energies

Sometimes clutter comes from other people's energies that have invaded your space.

When you bring work home, if you've inherited a relative's things, if you're divorced but some of your ex's stuff is with you, if you work from home, if you have kids and they have grown up and moved out but some of their stuff is still there, if you're hanging on to gifts people have given you and you don't care for the gifts, someone else's energies have come into and become a part of your space.

Other people's energies tend to make us feel uncomfortable in our space. We feel like there is less space for us.

It's important for your well-being that you protect the sacredness of your space. You can't have that luxury when we're out in the world. But you need it at home so you can rest and recharge.

I recently worked with a client who had been separated from her husband for a number of years but was still living with his things. A part of her realized how much his stuff inhibited her. Another part of her was afraid of her husband's and her family's reactions if she removed his things from the home. Her husband had been abusive to her on many occasions.

I said that it was hard to see her living in fear in her home. It was like she was living in a cage with her husband as a wild animal and she was afraid to move. The longer she avoided doing anything about it, the worse she would feel.

In order to get back her peace of mind, and her inner and outer space, she needed to end the relationship and move his things out.

My client said she desperately wanted to feel good again. She courageously wanted her life back. So she got on the phone and made some calls to lawyers to handle her divorce. She found one and set the wheels in motion.

Then we began going through her husband's things, and putting them into boxes to go into a storage locker. My client was taking back her space.