What takes the place of clutter?

Lately I've noticed that clutter shuts my clients off from something really basic. I want to call it their connection with life. There's a real undercurrent of feeling in everybody -- a joy -- in being alive. Just by itself. Not being alive with a brand new car, or with the perfect mate, or with the dream job. It's simply the aliveness.

There's this innate joy in everybody of the feeling of being alive.

If you're not alive, there's no you to enjoy anything in your life. Your aliveness is the essential element. Not your body, but the animating force inside of it.

There's something about clutter that covers that up. It's like there's a car alarm going on outside your window, constantly. You can get used to it, even though it's still there, bothering you. By your getting used to it, clutter takes away the most precious thing you've got -- that awareness of being alive.

What I've been doing lately is after clients let go of clutter, I ask them how it feels. They say, "I feel this peacefulness -- this excitement -- this vibration -- I feel happy." This happiness is not based on anything but feeling the life current.

My experience is that this is the best feeling that there is.

That doesn't mean you sit in a field with nothing except your aliveness. It's not like that's all you need. But if your aliveness is covered up, there's nothing in this life that will satisfy you lastingly. There's nothing that will give you the joy you're looking for, in and of itself.

As you let go of something, try as an experiment to see how you feel after it is gone. What do you notice in your body, mind, and heart? What takes its place?


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