You're Not Alone

I get the sense when I'm working with clients that they feel alone in their clutter situation. They sometimes tell me that they think other people have it together, but not themselves.

I tell them that everyone has clutter. Most people never share or show their clutter situation to others.

That's why I like bringing it out into the light. It can help take away feelings of shame and guilt. Those heavy feelings are often the culprit that keeps people from letting go.

Once you see clutter's a common problem, that's there's nothing wrong with you, you can get the courage and conviction to let the clutter go.

Even me, someone who helps people let go of clutter for a living, has clutter. This week I got a feeling that some of my files, both paper and electronic, were clutter. I asked my wife to help me clutter bust my files. She went through them with me and I ended up tossing out about 75% of files that I no longer needed or used.

Afterwards I felt like I got a big piece of my life back. I say that because I want you to have that feeling too. The whole purpose of clutter busting is so you can feel good again.

I was reminded from my experience that it helps to have the assistance during a clutter bust. It makes it easier to have the discerning, supportive, and encouraging eye. I'm here to help if you need me. I can be reached at


I'd like to share another personal clutter bust. I recently lowered the prices that I charge for my clutter busting services. I worked with a business consultant and they suggested the change.

But after making the switch I didn't feel good. Something felt off. When I feel out of sorts, I take it as a red flag that there's clutter going on.

I took a look inside and realized that it didn't feel right to lower my prices. I saw that I offer a valuable and powerful service that helps people change their lives. It was important to honor that.

So I raised my rate back to my regular rate of $95 an hour. Afterwards I felt peaceful and strong. I took care of myself, and respected the work that I'm grateful I get to do.