Creating Space for Something Supportive

When you let go of what's no longer serving your life, you create the space for something new and supportive to come on in.

I've seen this many, many times in my client's lives, and in my own.

Recently I worked with a client who is an actress. (I'll give more details than I usually do, with my client's permission.) She came across a file she hadn't looked at in over twenty years. It was filled with pay stubs from old acting jobs. She considered those her glory days. She was working non-stop and making a lot of money back then. The memories brought tears to her eyes.

She didn't want to let go of these pay stubs. She felt she didn't want to lose those memories. She was normally a strong and powerful women, but she seemed lost and afraid. I pointed out that she was clutching the pay stubs, looking pale, and diminished. I said it's hard to hold on to something out of fear. It keeps you in a distressed state. It makes your life a worse place to be.

She held on to the pay stubs, radiating fear.

I said that if she let go of being afraid of losing something, she would be open to possibilities. When we remove something that is emotionally chaotic and heavy, that takes up a lot of our mental and physical energy, we create openness. That allows the space for something to come into our lives that nurtures, feeds, and supports us. It's life giving, rather than life taking away.

I said that I thought  she would be more satisfied with be a working actress now. She relaxed and said that she would like that too. The fear was fading away. I could feel that she didn't want to hold on to that old way of living.

I worked with my client a week later. She told me a great story. Her family was a foster family for a dog. A woman came over to their home as a potential adapter of the dog. It turns out the dog wasn't the breed she was looking for. The great part about the story though was that this woman turned out to be the head of casting for Universal pictures. She ended up asking my client for her acting head shot.

This is just one of many stories I've experienced where letting go of clutter opened the doors for something that was life supporting.

I encourage you to let go of what's no longer supportive or life-giving, and experience the openness that comes with the letting go. Who knows what will take its place. It could be peace of mind, better health, a powerful insight, a supportive work opportunity, greater connection with people that matter in your life, a new positive friendship, self-acceptance...the list is endless.