Notes from the Clutter Busting Front Lines

A client came across Christmas cards from three years ago. She scrunched up her face. She felt she should keep the cards.

I asked if she ever looked at the cards. She guiltily said no. 

I said things are only valuable if the enhance your life. The Christmas cards pained her, and made her feel like she should do something she didn't want to do. 

She got it and started letting go of the old Christmas cards. She had the hugest smile on her face. She happily said, "I can't believe I'm getting rid of these!"


My client stood amidst stacks of papers in her office. She said she had a tendency to keep absolutely everything. 

I said that's been her habit up till now. But it's been making her feel miserable in her space. 

I said what's going to make her feel better is to keep only the things that make her life a better place to be.

This gave her the courage to begin clutter busting the stacks of papers. Sometimes we need just a little permission to start doing what a quiet part of us is wanting to do. 


One of my clients had a banjo that she'd been holding on to for over ten years but hadn't been playing. She felt badly that she hadn't been learning how to play the instrument. 

I said it helps to look at how we actually live to see if something fits our life.

My client thought about it and realized that she loved listening to banjo music.  But there wasn't a part of her that deeply felt inclined to play the banjo. She decided to donate the banjo.