Taking a Closer Look

When you are considering something during a clutter bust, there's just you and the thing, person, or activity in question.

You may have had particular feelings in the past about what you are considering, but this moment is new and fresh.

See what feelings come up. Be curious. You are different now than you were before. You have different needs, likes, and dislikes.

Are you feeling connected and uplifted, or conflicted and tired?

Do you feel like this thing is feeding you, or feeding off you?

Take the time to notice.

You are the source of knowing what fits your life now, and what doesn't.

You can't do this wrong.

You may think you should feel differently. That's worth noticing. That's the outside world telling you how to feel. But this isn't the outside world's life. It's yours.

It's okay to say, "No" to something that is no longer nurturing you. It's like tossing out moldy food from the fridge.

If you get a "Yes" great, you are being reminded of a piece of treasure in your life.

This looking is tending to yourself. You renew yourself by going within and asking. It brings you back to life.