Being Mighty

Sometimes we have clutter in our lives because we are scared of our natural power.

We can get intimidated by the mightiness in us.

Maybe we were encouraged to be smaller when we were younger. Parents or teachers, in an effort to control our behavior, mollified us into being a size that wasn't intrusive to them. It made them feel safer, but it dampened our spirits.

Clutter has a way of doing the same thing. It acts as a heavy weight and keeps us from growing and expanding in our natural rhythms. Clutter deadens our creative spark. Bringing in and holding onto the clutter in our life, keeps us from living and experiencing our mighty ways.

But we can't be happy being a reduced version of ourselves. Our joy comes in expanding and standing tall.

I was working with a client who was aware that for most of her life, she had been hiding under her stuff. Both inside and outside herself. She felt safe under the heavy weights of clutter. But she was also miserable and scared.

Since she has been letting go of clutter over the past few months, she is noticing that she is coming to life. She's been speaking up for herself, when in the past she would remain silent. She's doing things that make her feel good, where previously she would ignore those desires. She's been feeling present and alive in the moment.

I said that it was great to feel her strength being lived and expressed.


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