Breaking the Dam

When you feel small and overwhelmed amidst what's in your life, it's a sign that your things are in charge of your life. They dominate you.

When you clutter bust, you are declaring your freedom. You are telling the things in your life, "I'm no longer ruled by you!"

Today's client was feeling stuck about a piece of beveled glass she found stuck in a pile of stuff. She didn't want to use it in her home, and couldn't decide whether to donate or recycle the glass. She felt overwhelmed and gave up. She tried hiding the glass behind some other stuff.  She looked defeated.

I said that it was hard to watch her hurt herself like that. I said that it's important to consider yourself first in any clutter busting decision. "It's my space, it's my home, it's my life. What's the simplest thing I can do in this situation? What decision will help me take care of myself?"

She took this to heart and realized recycling the glass would be easiest on her. She was relieved to take back the reins. She said, "I'm breaking the dam."