It's Time to Love Your Life

My wife (in the picture above) and I enjoy being in our living room because it only contains the things we love and use. We continually remove the clutter to take back our space.

We also periodically help one another look through our activities and our friends and make sure all of them are loved and cherished, or else we let them go. As a result, we love where we live AND we love our lives.


Between now and October 31st, I'm running a discount on my Skype Clutter Busting Sessions.

If you pay for and schedule the first of four 50-minute sessions before October 31st, you'll get all four sessions for the price of three ($285). That's a savings of $95.

The first session needs to be booked for sometime before October 31, but the remaining three sessions can be booked for any time after that.

Email me at to set up your first session.

I am PSYCHED to help you LOVE YOUR LIFE!!!