You're Not Alone

My client was feeling embarrassed that she had clutter in her home. She felt it was a big uncomfortable secret of which her friends and clients were unaware. She felt if they knew, they would think less of her.

I said she wasn't alone. A lot of people I've worked with have felt that way. You can feel that you're the only one living with clutter. That other people have it under control.

But my experience is that everyone has clutter. It's in different degrees. Some people have it neatly stacked and organized. Some have it all over their home. Others have it stashed away in particular areas. We're aware of our own situation, and not of others.

But if you got a group of people together and they were honest about what was going on for them, you would see that clutter is common. 

That's why I write these blog posts, along with my books, to make people see that they are not alone. That it's normal to have clutter. And to encourage people to look and see what's no longer fitting their lives, and to remove these things. 

It's a positive direction that gets you out of feeling like you're a stuck bad person. You feel like it's a popular problem, and that you can find your way through by taking an honest kind look at what's in your life.