Growing Back Up

My client told me she didn't like her business webpage. But she didn't want to do the work needed to make it a webpage she liked. She complained that it would be too hard. She sulked and felt badly about the situation.

In a kind and sweet way, I told her, she sounded like a little kid in a tantrum. I said she wasn't alone. This comes up sometimes for clients. They feel overwhelmed by what's happening and a child part of them takes over and refuses to move forward. In some ways, being in this state feels safe from the daunting outside world.

At times there's a part of all of us that doesn't want to be a grown up. I know I've felt it. Not the childlike wonder part, but the part of us that in the overwhelming moment doesn't want to be an adult and make decisions to take care of ourselves.

I told my client that sometimes things become too much and we go into an emotional shut down state and give up. But it helps to notice that the not doing something actually makes us feel worse. We grow back up into ourselves when we see that taking the action will make our lives a much better place to be.

These words sank in and my client decided to revamp her website into something that she felt good about.

She sent me her website a few days later and it looked amazing. She was very happy with the changes.