Taking a Stand

My client was feeling intimidated by the clothes that had taken over the living room in her home. They were in piles throughout the room. She couldn't have visitors because of the clothing takeover.

I had her stand quietly in the room amidst the clothes. I told her that it's her home. Not the clothes home. It was her space to enjoy and live her life. I said that we were going to go through each piece of clothing and ask if it made her feel good about herself, or not.

I began asking her questions about each item of clothing. "Do you like wearing this? Does it make you feel pretty? Would you buy this if you were out shopping today?"

My client was surprised that she was able to think clearly enough to make decisions. She had a letting go flow happening and said, "This might actually be easy."

That's how powerful we are when considering ourselves first. 

At one point, she began feeling overwhelmed, and didn't know what to do.

I had her stop. Close her eyes. Put her hand on her heart. Take a deep breath. That's a way to get back your peace of mind when you feel anxious.

I reminded my client, "It's your space. It's your home. You get to decide what stays and what goes. All we care about now is what makes you feel good, and letting go of what doesn't."

She was renewed and went back into the clutter busting with vigor.