Tossing the Trophy

Someone who read my book, Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back, told me after reading it that she became curious what kind of clutter she had in her life. She decided to take a look. 

She told me she came upon a last place bowling trophy she had received eight years previously. When she won it way back when, she thought it was funny. But by taking a fresh look at the trophy, she felt crappy. It reminded her of a time when she felt badly about herself. 

She wanted to feel more positively about her life. So she let the trophy go. She instantly felt better. With the new openness, she began to notice a bunch of other things she no longer liked and used, and let them go. She told me she felt more alive than ever before.  

She was unemployed at the time she clutter busted.  The next day, someone called her out of the blue and offered her an excellent paying and fun job. This was someone who'd heard about her, and finally got the inspiration to call and offer her the job. 

I love this story because it shows how taking an honest look at your things, and seeing how they make you feel, can transform your life. I've heard many similar stories. I hope this story encourages you to take that curious look at what's in your life.