`The Need for Space

One of my clients told me a great story about her five-year-old son. He said to her, "Mommy, I need your help. When I look in my shirt drawer, all my shirts start talking to me, and I can't find the shirt I want to wear. I want to wear the shirt with the quiet pocket (without a logo)."

She realized she needed to help him clutter bust his shirt drawer of the shirts he didn't like and wear.

I love her son's words because they are a great description of clutter. Clutter are the things that distract from what serves us. They are noisy inside and outside of us.

The thing is we are trained to need more than we actually do. We are sold on the idea of our happiness being dependent on having particular stuff. You can see that in the ads for Black Friday sales.

But deep down we crave space, both inside and outside of us. The space to experience, to feel, to be. That space is our peace of mind.

No one is going to sell us space. So we have to create this on our own.

We get this space for ourselves by questioning what we bring into our lives. And by questioning what's already there.