What Makes You Come Alive

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

--Howard Thurman

I have a voice.

It’s so weird to say that because normally I feel really quiet.

But with the stuff I write about – with clutter busting – it feels so big to me. Sometimes I get scared. It’s bigger than what I’m used to. And at the same time it’s exciting. I think with my clutter busting audio book just coming out, the challenge is learning to be comfortable with this part of myself – my voice.

I can relate to a lot of my clients because a lot of people I work with feel that they’re hiding behind clutter. It’s unsafe for them to come out. I want to encourage them to come out because that part of them that’s hiding, the quieter part of them, is beautiful, powerful, amazing…it’s like they’re getting rid of the weight of the clutter and they’re radiating out. They’re coming to life, no longer held back.

It’s exciting to them; and it’s scary too. I can relate to both.

When I first recorded the audio book about a month and a half ago, when I first started reading the words I thought it would come out as a quiet, Eckhardt Tolle voice. “You're the oneness, the oneness is everywhere…”

But I started reading my book and it’s about, “You are buried alive. Let’s get you out of this rubble! Let’s take these huge things off of you so you can stand up again!”

It has to be a strong voice. There has to be power in it so it can inspire people to be un-buried alive. And to come alive.

The kindness was there, but the strength and the power were there too. And that’s what surprised me.

But then I realized, that’s what it takes to get somebody out of a trance – out of hypnosis. That’s what happens when we’re stuck under our clutter. We’re hypnotized.

So then I started feeling like – okay, this is appropriate. This is right. This product is going to do its job.

Initially when I first wrote the book, I thought, “I’ll write it as if I were speaking to someone directly, even though I was typing it out.”

So I feel like the audio book is a fulfillment of my original intention when I started the book. And I love it. And the people who have been listening to it are telling me about the positive experiences they’ve had while listening to it. They’re being inspired to let things go, and that’s very fulfilling.

The next powerful thing for me to do is to talk about this book and let people know about it. There’s a part of me that’s a little scared about that as well, a little uncomfortable. Because I’m used to being quieter and smaller. But it’s too hard to live that way.

I want you to know about this audio book. There’s a lot of love in it, there’s a lot of kindness, and a lot of inspiration. If you haven’t gotten it yet and you’re curious, I hope you take a chance and order it. If you do, I know it will make a very powerful, positive difference in your life. It will help you remove the people, things, activities that don’t support you so that you can come alive. That’s what this is all about.

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