Wonder Looking

Because my audiobook is coming out soon, I've been curious about the threads that led back to my becoming a clutter buster.

I never had a goal to be in this profession. But about 15 years ago, a friend encouraged me to read a book on Feng Shui. I was curious and picked it up. I didn't connect with a lot of what I read in the book. But I did resonate with the idea that clutter blocks the flow of energy in a person's life, and when the clutter goes, their life gets better. 

Soon after I was at a friend's house who was complaining about his clutter. I asked if I could help. He said yes. I figured I would just ask questions about each thing so he could see whether he needed it or not. It turns out I was able to help him. He told me I should do it as a job. I said I didn't think it was possible. He encouraged me, and I put up flyers. People started calling me for help.

I went to the new clients' houses to see if I could actually help them too. I was surprised I could. From that came a bunch of amazing experiences. I told these stories from the clutter busting front lines to my friends. They were amazed and inspired by them. They suggested I write a book. I had no desire to write a book. They kept encouraging. I eventually thought it would be fun to make a story based book.

I spent a year writing the book and sold it online as an ebook. I had no ambition about how much it would sell. Every few months someone would buy a copy and I was happy. 

Eventually I met my wife who secretly sent my book to the publisher New World Library. They called back and said they were interested. The book blossomed into a best-seller and has been translated into 6 languages.

People started asking about an audio version. That inspired me. My step-son told me about a studio in our home town. I recorded the book there. And next week it's available!

When I look back at all the threads of how my book happened, I'm in awe. It makes me see all the things that came together beyond my control. I like thinking of the Universe in this way. It makes life a lot more interesting. It also makes me feel like I'm not alone.


Here's a review of the audio book from Jennifer Mulcahy:

“The audio book version of Clutter Busting : Letting Go Of What's Holding You Back is a wonderful edition of the book that's made such a difference in my life.  Brooks' voice is at once encouraging and soothing, yet firm with gentle conviction. Listening to this in the car is a great way to get clutter busting principles to sink in - I find that different parts of the book speak to me when I need them most, and these will tend to pop out at me when I listen in the background. This audio book is a must to prepare for moving, life transitions, or simplifying your life.  I love it!! 5 stars.”