"Does This Serve Me?"

It takes some courage to ask, “Does this serve me?” Serve means take care of you. Does it meet your needs? It means you consider yourself worthy of being taken care of.

I notice that it’s often difficult at first for a client to put their needs above what’s in their life. I recently asked a client, “Do you like and use this, or can you let it go?” She hesitated and looked down. She looked lost. It wasn’t natural for her at that moment to consider her own welfare. She wasn’t used to putting her needs first.

I pointed out her discomfort. This wasn’t a judgment about her reaction. It was a way to help her see that she was hurting herself. It was a way to break the trance.

She snapped out of the fog. Her sense-of-self came back. She said, “I’m tired of living this way. I want to feel good in my own home.”

She put the item in the donation bin. She looked stronger. It felt like the energy moved from the item back in to her.

I encourage you to take back your life by questioning whether what's in your life serves you or not. It may feel a little odd at first. But the moment you start to consider your own needs, you begin to create the momentum for that to happen.

It can help to imagine you are a big and powerful snowplow moving down the road of your life, removing the snow that’s in your way.

You are mighty.