Let the Sunshine In

There's a recognition when you find something that is clutter. It's an uncomfortable feeling. It could be tension, tiredness, or confusion. You can feel the change in your body and mind.

My client came across some bells and instantly looked tired. She said, "Here's an ohhhhh." She had inherited the bells from her mom. My client usually hung them up on the walls for the holidays. But her husband hated them, and she tolerated them.

My client said, "They are an albatross of tradition. They feel like an obligation."

I said that an albatross is a burden and a curse. It's a psychological obligation that she felt she needed to bear. But she was no longer living with her parents. She was living in her own home. She had the power to decide what stays and what goes. She had the right, power, and permission to remove anything that hurt her.

My client said that her parents were into nostalgia. But she liked to enjoy what was alive for her now. The bells didn't feel fresh and alive for her and she decided to let them go to donation.

She looked relieved and alive. I said it looked like the sun was shining from her face.