Notes from the Clutter Busting Front Lines

Here are some special moments that came up during recent clutter busts: 

My client looked upon a pile of stuff and defeatedly said, "Uugghh!" 

I said that was the sound of clutter. That's the effect clutter has on you. It wrecks havoc inside and outside. Knowing that can give you the inspiration to let it go. 

She got her bearings back and began clutter busting with urgency.


Another client came across a bag of old papers she'd hidden in her closet. She said she dreaded the idea of going through it. 

I said when we see old stuff we haven't considered in a while, we feel its stagnant presence and we naturally don't want to be anywhere near it. But my experience is that when you become aware of what's going on, you can push past that resistance and venture in. And the great thing is, it's easier than you'd think.

As we began to clutter bust the papers, she was surprised to find that she was making quick and efficient decisions. She happily said, "If it's old, it goes fast."

A different client was going through a bag of stuff and came upon a magazine she intensely disliked. 

I asked if she could let the magazine go. She said no because her friend gave her the subscription to the magazine every year as a gift and she didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings. 

I told my client it's her home and her life. If she lives her life taking care of others first, she'll be miserable. 

My client quickly threw the magazine into the trash and decided to tell her friend to stop subscribing to the magazine.


I hope these stories encourage you to investigate the clutter in your life. It's much easier doing this than thinking about it.  Please feel free to share any of your experiences. 

Also, if you feel you need assistance in this process, here's some info.