A Simple Solution

Sometimes clutter can be something so simple that we don't see it.

If we are hungry, tired, or thirsty, our mind can get the best of us and we can create problems that aren't there. We'll try to solve what's wrong by more thinking, and it gets worse. 

But all we need to do to feel better is have a drink of water, eat a heathy snack or meal, or take a nap. It can really be that simple.

Your mind might think otherwise. That's because the mind likes to think it's in charge of the body (and everything else.) But the mind's well-being is dependent on the body's needs being met. If the body is depleted, the mind will feel off-balance.

Give it a try. The next time you feel mentally out of sorts and overwhelmed, get a drink of water, eat something healthy, or take a nap. And see how you feel. Chances are mind will get quieter, and things will start to feel right-sided again. 

Just so you know, I know this from personal experience. There have been times when I felt things were "wrong." Everything seemed off. And then I got the feeling to eat, sleep, or drink. Once I did, things felt right. The circumstances didn't change. I just took care of my body.


This morning I was interviewed on Conscious Talk Radio. I talked about the deeper aspects of how clutter affects our lives, and how to let go of that clutter. Here's the link. At the bottom of that page is the link to listen. My part of the show begins at 36:30. Enjoy!