You Don't Have to Settle With Being Miserable

Clutter busting is about becoming aware of -- and doing something about -- the discomforts in your life. We get used to being uncomfortable. It's expected. We learn to endure what we don't like. "I don't like this, but I'll put up with it." Eventually you stop noticing that something doesn't feel good.

Clutter busting calls all that into question. "Wait a second. What don't I like? What doesn't feel good? What feels uncomfortable when I wear it? What don't I like looking at? What person is irritating and hurtful to me? What don't I enjoy doing?.....

There's a freedom that comes when we realize we don't have to endure the pain. You don't have to settle with being miserable. You can actually remove what you don't like.


I'll be on the Oprah Winfrey Network tomorrow, Saturday, January 3rd at 5pm EST.  The show is called Raising Whitley. You can see me in action as I help Kym let go of the clutter in her life.

Here's a clip from the show: