The Only Criteria

One of my clients came upon a box of artifacts from her wedding. She got married seven years ago, but hadn't looked in the box since then. She was happily married, but she wasn't interested in the wedding items. She felt stuck though because she felt obligated to keep the stuff.

I said there's nothing that you're universally supposed to keep. The only criteria for keeping something is if it fits your life now. That means you interact with it, and it makes you feel good. What serves one person, won't serve another, so it takes asking yourself, "Do I like and use this, or not?" You're the touchstone for knowing.

There's a lot of opinions out there in the world of what's right and wrong. It's easy to forget about your own voice. Clutter busting is a way to go right to the source. When you ask, "Do I like and use this, or not?" it becomes clear. It's like someone sets a plate a food in front of you, and you take a taste. You know right away if you like it or not.

My client decided to let go of the wedding items. She looked lighter. I say that a lot about people when they let go of clutter. But you can see it: a strain that had been in their face leaves, they start to breathe deeper, and the room actually feels calmer.